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Stars Richard Grieco, Greg Evigan, and Brigitte Bako.

Brigitte Bako plays "bad girl" Macy who is left for dead by her gangster boyfriend played by a very seedy looking Richard Grieco. Greg Evigan plays Brigitte's doctor ex-husband, who she turns to out of desperation after being wounded while on the run. This movie was released as "Sweet Revenge" in Canada, and revenge is more or less what it is about. Brigitte moves fast and runs hard throughout the movie. At first, she wants revenge and her share of the loot. Later, she becomes conflicted when she sees her young daughter, who she abondoned for a life of crime. By the time the movie ends, the bad guys are all dead, and Brigitte has become "good girl" Macy and returned to a normal life to be with her daughter. Overall, a not half bad crime flick, which rates a 7 out of 10 in my book.

Die! Die! Die! is rated "R" probably for violence as opposed to anything else.

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