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Saint Monica

Stars Genevieve Buechner, Clare Coulter, Maurizio Terrazzano, Brigitte Bako, and Krista Bridges.

Genevieve Buechner plays Monica, a young girl who desires to be an angel and Claire Coulter plays Mary, a homeless woman who becomes Monica's friend. Brigitte Bako plays Monica's mother Icela and Maurizio Terrazzano plays Monica's uncle Albert. The movie is set in the Little Portugal and South Riverdale sections of Toronto.

Icelia is a single parent who has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and has moved with her daughter Monica to a new neighborhood. Monica's uncle Albert is in charge of watching her while Icela is at work. Albert is a ne'er-do-well who would prefer to watch movies rather than watch his niece. One day Monica gets Albert to drop her off at her old church in Little Portugal. When Monica lived in her old neighborhood she had her heart set on playing an angel in the annual church prade to honor the accent of the Virgin Mary. Distraught over not being able to participate in the parade, Monica steals a pair of angel wings, only to lose them on the streetcar ride home.

The wings end up with a homeless woman named Mary who is serving penance for the death of her troubled son. Monica finds Mary with the wings and attempts to work out a trade to get them back. But Mary will not return the wings until she has completed her mission which involves crossing three bridges through oncoming traffic. Then Monica learns that Mary has been arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital. Monica visits the hospital but Mary is lost in herself and is unable to communicate. Uncle Albert retrieves the wings and promises to drive Monica to the annual church parade. But Monica has a last minute change of heart and runs back to the hospital with the wings. This time Monica leaves the Hospital with Mary in a wheelchair and, wearing the wings, Monica proceeds to push Mary through traffic to complete the mission.

Brigitte learned Portugese for her part in Saint Monica and won praise for the realism of her Portugese accent.

Written and directed by Terrance Odette, this Canadian production won a Genie award for best original song and Leo awards for best soundtrack and best film editing. Genevieve Buechner received a Leo nomination for best leading performance (female) in a feature length drama and Brigitte Bako recieved a Genie nomination for best supporting actress.

Saint Monica has been released in both VHS and DVD formats and is unrated.

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