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Brigitte Bako has a starring role. Also stars Larry Drake, Sally Kirkland, and Robert Floyd.

Brigitte plays Jana Mercer, an architect/designer who has become a semi-recluse. It seems that Calvin Hawkes, the villain played by Larry Drake, murdered Jana's mother, father, and sister some twenty years earlier. Jana witnessed the murder, which it turns out was videotaped by an accomplace on what must have been a very early home video recorder. To try to cope with her situation, Jana is "seeing" an on-line analyst (played by Sally Kirkland). Jana can see her analyst, but leaves her own camera turned off so that her analyst can't see her. Calvin acquires a laptop computer in prison, and begins sending threatening messages to Jana. When Jana calls the prison to complain, she learns that Calvin has been released. Jana then returns home with a friend from high school who is now a local police officer. This character, played by Robert Floyd (Mallory of "Sliders"), puts the make on Jana but never really gets anywhere. Not surprising, since he can't seem to get anywhere with Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) from "Sliders" either. About this time, Calvin shows up, and Jana must fend for herself. This is the best part of the film, but just as Jana is about to bury Calvin alive, Floyd's police officer character shows up to save the villian. Jana, rightfully ticked off at this turn of events, grabs a bus back to New York City. She opens her mail, and (surprise!) finds the videotape of the murder that Calvin sent her. The tape reveals that the local police officer's brother was the accomplace. The brother comes after Jana, but in the end, he proves to be no more effective than Calvin. Indeed, he is less fortunate, and winds up flying out the window of her apartment to the pavement below.

Overall, the film has its moments, but both Brigitte and Larry Drake are far better than the material they have to work with.

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