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Replikator - Cloned to Kill

Brigitte Bako has a starring role. Also stars Michael St. Gerard and Ned Beatty.

Filmed in 1994, this movie is set sometime in the 21st Century. Society has become extremely violent, and virtual reality games are the major escape mechanism for the masses. A group of computer jocks are developing a new technology that clones human tissue for medical purposes. Two rival corporations take over the research, and the technology falls into the hands of a ruthless criminal. Brigette and Michael St. Gerard team up with a grubby veteran police officer (Ned Beatty) in a race against time to prevent the new technology from threatening the survival of the human race. The scenes are typically dark, but this is no "Blade Runner" insofar as production values are concerned. The virtual helicopter battle game is sort of neat. And there is a cameo appearance by an infamous Italian adult film star. Overall, Replikator it is not that bad as this type of movie goes.

I recommend this movie to hard core sci fi buffs. Others may wish to pass. Replikator - Cloned to Kill has an "R" rating.

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