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Strange Days

Stars Ralph Fiennes, Angela Basset, and Julliete Lewis. Brigitte Bako has a supporting role.

Strange Days is a big production with elaborate sets and great effects. This 1995 film is set in crime ridden Los Angeles during the final days of 1999. Ralph Fiennes plays Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who is currently in the virtual reality gratification business. The technology Lenny is pushing allows the user to relive another person's recorded experiences. Angela Bassett plays Lenny's friend Mason, a "strait arrow" who does not use VR for gratification. Julliete Lewis plays Faith, a rock singer who is Lenny's ex-flame. Brigitte plays Iris, who is Faith's best friend. Iris is into the VR scene as a provider of exciting experiences for the VR disks. She appears in three scenes before she is murdered. The first is a great foot chase in which Iris narrowly escapes two policemen by jumping aboard a subway car. Iris is wearing a red wig in this one to hide her VR device. Next, she wears a blond wig to hide her identity when she comes to Lenny for help. In her final scene, she is murdered in "real-time" while the feed is broadcast to Lenny, who tries to save her to no avail. The murder is a brutal, but is in keeping with the tenor of the film. James Cameron co-wrote the screenplay, and the film was directed by Cameron's ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow. While long, Strange Days is a tight paced film that keeps the viewer involved. No getting up for a snack without stopping the tape during this one.

I like Strange Days great deal. The only real disappointment is Brigitte being murdered as early as she is.

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